Transportation Unit
Organized 1979

The Transportation Unit has no initiation fees or annual dues. We maintain all the Aleppo's transporting vehicles and equipment. The Transportation Unit provides the drivers to handle all of Aleppo's transporting vehicles. This is one of the most vital units in the Temple. Without it, none of Aleppo's equipment could be paraded. We drive all over the country to each annual Imperial Session wherever it may be. Mostly, we provide the drivers to shuttle the Nobility on Ceremonial days as well as regional competitions throughout the Northeast. Our vehicles are showcased in each parade that Aleppo marches in. 

All applicants must have a clean driving record and a valid Massachusetts license. A CDL is not necessary, but highly desirable. To join, contact Captain William C. Snook.

Transportation Unit
Captain: Mark H. Norton, Jr.  H (617) 391-9662
1st Lieutenant: Martin R. Beck  H (978) 433-5896
Past Captain: Clifford N. Critch  H (978) 667-6450


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