Aleppo Mini-Haulers

Organized 1951

The Mini Haulers are scale 16’ Tractor Trailers, and Aleppo’s newest Uniformed Parade Unit. We are group of six Mini Hauler owners, and seven active members who attend various parades. Most of our members own their own Mini Haulers, and we are always on the lookout for new members that would be able to get involved at that level. But we also need members to be spare drives as needed. Mini Haulers participate in 10 to 14 parades a year. Our Mission Statement is to #1 have fun, and #2 support Aleppo Shrine and our Boston Burn Center. And you haven’t lived until you have seen the smile’s from the young and old at our parades.
The Mini Haulers do not have an initiation, but we do have dues of $50.00 per year. Our uniform is also owned by the member.


Chanters Unit

Captain:  Captain Lloyd C. Wentzell

H (978) 345-3979

Lieutenant:  Daniel Consolett




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